Cash recycling

Currency counters are machines that can count loose coins and paper bills. The first electronic counters for coins or notes was developed in England in 1980. Since then, the technology has only improved. Today, they can help companies achieve 100% accuracy for cash transactions. Many grocery stores have at least one coin sorter counter for people to take their change and get bills back.

A currency or coin sorter counter machine can help a business in a number of ways. Here are a few:

  1. They save time. Counting bills or change takes a lot of time. Most of the time, people will double check themselves and while that is a good thing, it takes up a lot of time. Money counter machines are 100% accurate the first time. There’s no need for a second check. Staff can spend their time tending to other matters besides counting and recounting money.
  2. Their accuracy rate is better than manual counting. Even when people recount their work, mistakes are inevitable. Currency counter machines are much more accurate than people ever can be. There is no need for recounting. It is right the first time.
  3. Counters can deal with different currencies. Currency counters are very useful for businesses that need to deal with money from different counters. Have U.S. dollars, Euros and Yuan? A current counter can help you keep track of all of them with just one machine.
  4. They protect from theft. Currency machines can also detect counterfeit money much better than people can. You can train staff to recognize counterfeit bills but a machine can use technology to find and identify the security features that should be present in all paper currency. Their accuracy in doing this is far greater than any person can be and many companies rely on these counting machines to detect counterfeit money. Many companies buy these specifically because of their ability to detect counterfeit money.

Who uses currency counters?

When you think of industries that need to count large amounts of currency, one business probably pops out; casinos. Yes, these machines are very useful for casinos where lots of cash changes hands every day. Using a currency and coin sorter counter is very useful in this industry. Any place that exchanges currency will use a currency counter for their transactions. The accuracy and security features to detect any fake money make these ideal for businesses with international customers.

If you have a business that deals with a lot of tourists or business travelers, using a money counting machine will add a level of security that will give you a peace of mind that cannot be rivaled by other means to count money. These machines will allow your staff to feel more confident that the money they have received is real and has been correctly counted at the end of each shift.