San francisco asset management

You don’t have to be a millionaire to be able to work on optimizing your finances and the way you handle your funds.

And just as you would visit your doctor with a health concern, you should have a certified financial advisor you can consult when you have a financial concern.

In the next few years, the number of Americans who have a certified financial planner is expected to grow at a steady rate from its current percentage of 25%. And there has never been a better time for you to take advantage of all the ways these professional financial advisors can offer.

Still not sure if you need a certified financial advisor in your life? Then check out these four tell-tale signs that you need to find a financial planner:

1. You have investments in the stock market: If you’re one of the 52% of Americans who have invested in the stock market, it’s important to ensure that your investments are sound and prevented from the dangers of drastic market fluctuations. A certified investment advisor will be able to guide you toward optimal stocks.

2. You are thinking about starting an investment portfolio: Even if you haven’t invested in anything before in your life, you would do well to work with a certified financial advisor to help build your portfolio. As stated before, your advisor will guide you toward the best investment opportunities in the market and help you grow your wealth.

3. Your marital or family status might be changing soon: Marriage or divorce both hold many financial implications for both parties involved. And to make sure your financial status stays intact, you may want to consult a certified financial advisor before signing your name on any paperwork.

4. You haven’t started saving up for your retirement yet: A stunning amount of Americans haven’t begun saving money toward their retirement yet — in fact, researchers have found that a paltry 4% of Americans age 25 to 65 will have enough money saved up to retire comfortably. To make sure you aren’t part of the other 96%, hiring a certified financial advisor to help you stay on top of your monthly retirement savings is essential. Reference links.