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Strategies for Financial Management

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Financial classes for women

I know what it’s like to feel stressed out about money, believe me. I’m a recent college graduate and a new mom to boot. I’m working a job that I love – but it doesn’t pay quite as well as I wish it would. My partner and I are staying afloat, but we need to be smart about our finances. And the thing is, I’m far from alone. In a survey done by Bustle, almost 30% of millennial women feel stressed about money every single day. In another survey, done by CreditCards.com, 2 out of every 3 Americans lose sleep over issues with their finances. A whopping 32% of Americans feel that they live paycheck to paycheck, just barely able to make ends meet. And many, many people, myself included, feel that college did not adequately prepare us for the financial world. I learned a lot about really interesting thin


Reasons to Stay on Top of Company Taxes to Avoid an IRS Audit

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Irs audit

Do you own a business and need assistance with your back taxes? This may be one aspect of your business that you don?t enjoy handling. Dealing with taxes, finances, and the IRS can be time-consuming and overwhelming for anyone. When you own a business, not only do you have to handle your own personal taxes, but also you have to make sure your company is on top of what they owe so there are not any unpaid taxes at the end of the year. Sometimes, you may fall behind in this area of your business and require an IRS audit. In cases like these, there are ways to handle the situation and move forward.

Interested in learn


Auto Dealer Leads for Subprime Lending

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Low credit score auto leads

Everyone wants the freedom to get on the road and go where they desire when they need to or even on a whim. The problem is that being able to afford a vehicle to allow for that freedom is not something that everyone always has the capacity for. The society in which we live is one that demands a relatively high income in order to even get by. This is where the need for different types of loans comes into play. However even with the concept of loans to help achieve the ability to afford a vehicle, some individuals struggle with the credit score that would qualify them for certain financial assistance. Subprime lending is a way to reach those individuals as well.

Navigating the difficulties of life

There are things that happen in life that we cannot control or that