Before getting a commercial loan, you must know what lenders will look for in you and the types of loans you may be eligible for. There are three different types of lenders regarding commercial real estate loans. These include regional lenders, agencies, and mortgage-backed securities. Regional lenders are banks that lend money based on your credit score and income. They cannot access other collateral or assets, such as stocks and bonds.

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Agency lenders are companies that buy mortgages from banks and sell them to investors. They can then use those mortgages to make loans to borrowers.
On the other hand, MBS lenders are investment firms that purchase pools of mortgages from banks and sell the pool to investors. They can also use this information to make loans to borrowers. Commercial real estate loans are used to finance the purchase of commercial properties. The property itself usually secures them. The first step in obtaining a private commercial property loan is determining which type of lender you qualify for. Once you determine this, you need to look at the requirements for each type of lender. Note that the requirements may vary depending on the lender and the money you want to borrow.