National association of settlement purchasers

Making a decision when it comes to money is a hard thing to do. When you have to decide whether to make the jump and sell an annuity it’s best to think it out. It’s important to remember that it’s one of the easiest ways to reduce debt. Selling lottery payments or selling fixed annuities means getting money in your hands now. Here are some scenarios where that would be very helpful.

You have to pay student tuition.
Do you have a child currently enrolled in higher education? When the average American household is buried in at least eleven thousand dollars worth of loans, it’s a big deal to have the money to pay it. Being able to quickly gain money that would normally come in a slow fixed rate is a big deal. With that money in hand you or your child would not have to worry so much about the backbreaking debt looming around the horizon. This is a way to give the student a fresh start and give him or her a step ahead of his or her peers.

Lowering Debt
Speaking of debt, paying off your debt fast is always something to look into. It’s scary that Americans collectively owe around eleven trillion dollars worth of debt. We are all trying to fight the ever living demon of debt. If you have lottery winnings or a structured settlement payment, you have the chance to manage your finances and get out of the hole that the rest of America is in.

You have to pay medical bills.
What if you or a loved one gets sick? Medical bills are expensive now-a-days. Finding a way to pay off the not-so-cheap surgery could send you back in the hospital for stress! When late medical bills mess with at least 20% of credit reports, you know you have to find a solution to your money needs. This is the time to manage your finances and selling some of your annuity can start you on that path. Get that money fast and use it to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe and sound.

If you need money for one of these reasons or if you’re facing one of life’s other financial challenges, manage your finances by selling your annuity. This is a simple solution to many complex problems. Sell today to get today.