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What Every Merchant Should Know about the Advances in Mobile Payments Technology

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Outdoor payment terminal

While businesses that don’t accept credit cards and debit cards are fairly rare these days, there are some payment types that most businesses don’t use or accept. Traditionally, credit and debit card purchases are made on a payment terminal, which is usually in one fixed point in a store, restaurant, or other business. But there are other ways to accept payments without taking cash or checks — through mobile payments technology.

When you hear the phrase “mobile payments technology,” this wording is actually referring to a couple of different mobile payments solutions. These options give consumers and businesses alike more ways to pay and accept payme


Benefits of Electric Cash Counting Machines

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Portable cash counter

Anyone who’s worked in retail will tell you that counting money is a pain. Crumpled or disorganized bills are easy to miscount, and coins always seem to get lost. It’s not any easier for people who work in banks or other institutions that have to handle money.

Unfortunately, the stakes in miscounting money can be quite high, so it’s important to have a reliable way to count coins, bills and cheques. That’s where electric cash counters come in.

Electric cash counters were first introduced as practical and efficient cash management solutions in Great Britain in 1980. Modern day cash counters do exactly what you’d think they do: they count money, whether that money comes in the form of cheques, cash or coins.


Tips for Embarking on Your Real Estate Investment Journey

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Douglas fleit va real estate

If you’re looking to play on the level of top real estate developers and commercial real estate investment firms, there are a few things you have to do.

  • Think Like an Insider

    If you’re going to compete with commercial real estate investment firms, you need to think how commercial real estate investment firms think. You need to know the fundamentals, like the reason commercial property is valued on a different scale than residential property and which kinds of property have larger cash flows. Do your homework before you start throwing money around. Plenty of people out there have more exp