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Three Things That Happen When Property Goes Into Receivership

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Chicago commercial real estate

When commercial real estate does not go as planned, the court system often steps in to finalize sales and debt recovery. A property management company loses control of its assets if the properties move into receivership. Receiverships are the result of business disputes and real estate closures. Additionally, a divorce can also lead to the implementation of receivership services.
Number One: Financial Hardships Lead to Receivership Services
Occasionally, receivership services are initiated by impatient creditors. For the most part, however, the receivership process occurs when an owner can no longer meet the financial obligations for


Before Selling Your Annuity, You Need to Know These Four Things

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Sell my payments

Although the purpose of an annuity is to provide steady income at different times in your life, there are certain circumstances where you may consider selling your annuity. Selling an annuity settlement or any other structured settlements can be a tough job to do. Not only are annuities complex financial tools, there are few people who will understand the risks and benefits of taking one on.

If you’re considering selling your annuity, the process can feel overwhelming. So to help you on your journey, here are four things to get you started.

Is Your Annuity Transferable?

Before you even start to look for buyers, you nee


How to Calculate an Accurate Business Valuation Report

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Valuation market approach

You have built your business where you want it to be and you have decided to sell it and move on. You have poured so much of your time and attention into this business and you need to set a fair selling price to sell it for. Where do you come up with that price? What types of things matter when setting this selling price? Do your effort and your time compute into the business valuation report? What about all of the inventory and the supplies that you will be leaving behind to the buyer, do you need to calculate that into the selling price? Figuring out the price to sell a business for can be a difficult task, but it is not only possible, it is also