Managing finances can be an extremely draining process for individuals. A majority of people find themselves facing some form of debt and may even be on the verge of bankruptcy. Before filing, debt counseling can help people better understand the debt management process and how bankruptcy works. Understanding how debt counseling works can allow people to gauge when is the right time to signup for it.

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Debt counseling can help people out of unimaginable situations. Some clients who sign up for debt counseling services find themselves spending 98% of their monthly income on debt alone. Without the proper guidance, these individuals can face severe legal repercussions.

The first stage of the process is the debt counselor pulling your credit report and determining all the places money is owed. The counselor will then notify these institutions about your registering for debt counseling services. This shows you are being active in fighting to rid yourself of these debts.

From here, you will need to go over your budget. Through this, you can discover which areas you need to focus your debt fighting on, areas where you may spend too much, and how long the process of getting out of debt may take. The worse the debt, the longer the process.

For additional information on debt counseling services, please review the attached video.