There are many ways that people can make charitable donations to help those in need. What many people do not know is that for those who tend to give large amounts of money, it is possible to get some good tax credit for those donations. As highlighted in this YouTube video, charitable tax credits can make a big impact on your final bottom line taxes and can help you lower the amount you owe at the end of the year. While all donations to official charitable and non-profit organizations usually count the charitable tax credits are designed for those that deal with larger sums of money.

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Like everything involving taxes, there are certain rules and regulations that apply to what can be counted towards the credit, when the credit can be applied to taxes, and how any refunds or credits can be actually used. This video does a good job at outlining everything you need to know about the charitable tax credit and if and when it is something that you should look into when the time comes to file your taxes again.