A custom designed sign can do wonders in promoting your business. This YouTube video about building a custom sign helps show how this can be accomplished.

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When starting the project of a custom sign design for a business, you’ll begin with a creative idea. Once you have the vision of what your sign is going to look like, you need to gather the materials.

First, you need to find an excellent piece of wood that can be sanded and glued to a sheet of MDO plywood.

You may be wondering? What is MDO plywood? MDO stands for–” medium density overlay”. This is a resin-impregnated fiber surface that will be the backdrop for the sign.

Use a dark-colored paint to paint the boards that are the background of the sign.

As the paint is drying on the boards, the intricate process of cutting, sanding and filing the letters of the sign begins.

Designing a custom sign is an intricate process; yet the end result will be worth it. Each piece of the sign is handcrafted with a touch of personalization.

The final touches are then completed and glued and nailed to the sign. The final product is something you can be proud of and will impress your customers.