Ensuring that the workplace environment is comfortable and safe for your employees can significantly impact their productivity and performance levels.

Uncomfortable conditions in the workspace, too cold, too hot, too dark, too light, too noisy, too much glare all restrict employees from functioning at their full capacity. This can lead to reduced job satisfaction while increasing illness symptoms.

A comfortable physical environment will create a more upbeat atmosphere, leading to improved motivation and better results. For example, natural light in the workspace increases exposure to Vitamin D, a mood elevator.

An environment that is clean and free of clutter removes distractions and improves concentration levels. For instance, if there are many chairs in a meeting room and are not used frequently, why not choose a stacking chair option to keep the area clutter-free.

Here are some suggestions on how to make an existing or new business more comfortable for your employees.

Architectural Design

As physical comfort is critical to workplace effectiveness, the architectural design plays an essential role in ensuring this comfort in the following ways:

1. It will provide a high-quality acoustic environment

2. Maintain ideal thermal comfort

3. Create a state of the art visual environment

4. Provide equipment and furniture that enhances worker performance, comfort, and safety

Fire Prevention Safety

An effective fire protection plan must include proper storage and handling procedures for hazardous materials, control of potential ignition sources, and the type of fire protection equipment required to control a significant hazard.

Fire prevention goals are to prevent a fire from starting, prevent loss of life in the event of a fire, confine the fire to its origin, and extinguish the fire.

Here are some suggestions to prevent fires.

1. Do not disable CO or smoke detectors

2. Do not allow smoking in the interior of the building

3. If there is a kitchen in the building, do not allow employees to leave their cooking unattended

4. Do not allow candles or open flames in the area

5. If you have BBQ grills on the property, make sure they are at least ten feet from the building

Provide Comfortable Seating for Office Staff

Furnishings need to be adapted for the work to be done. Office seating that supports good posture, body mechanics such as ergonomically designed chairs are recommended. Also, workstations allowing users to adjust seating, computer placement, work surface heights, light levels, workspace layout, etc., are best for comfort.

For the comfort of telecommuting workers, the employer should ensure that the home office is comfortable and ergonomic.

Proper Glass Installation and Lighting Tips

There are ways that commercial glass installation can help with providing a comfortable environment for employees. A high-quality visual space should be created with lighting, daylighting, and visual interest. Here are some ways that this can be accomplished.

1. The installation of glass panels in workstation walls or between cubicles provides access to views and natural light.

2. The furniture configuration should be designed to allow workers a view to obtain visual relief.

3. Provide as much natural daylight as possible, avoiding excessive heat gain, loss, and glare.

4. Provide access and views to the outdoor environment for all employees.

5. Integrate both electric and natural lighting and provide controls that optimize their interaction—light vertical walls and surfaces to increase the perception of brightness in the space.

6. Balance the quality and quantity of light in all work areas by designing for flexibility and uniformity. Consider providing individually controlled task lighting at each workstation that properly lights the space.

7. Eliminate or control glare from windows and ceiling lights.

8. Develop a visually appealing environment using a well-balanced use of colors, scale, patterns, artwork, textures, and plants. Avoid visual chaos.

Commercial Water Heater

Commercial water heaters are for applications requiring larger amounts of hot water than in residential use. It is essential for the comfort of employees that water of the correct temperature is available. Residential water heaters can hold up to 100 gallons, while commercial heaters do not exceed 250 gallons. Because of their larger size, they can be costly but are designed to minimize the problem of replacing failed water heaters. They are versatile for new installs.

A commercial plumber is involved with installing and maintaining extensive waste removal and water supply systems for businesses. The commercial plumbing contractor ensures that the building has functional waste drainage lines and sufficient water supply.

Solar Panels as an Energy Source

Solar power is a 100% renewable, clean energy source that reduces the reliance on natural gas, oil, or coal for electricity production. These fuels produce harmful emissions that affect air, water, and soil quality and are responsible for global warming.

Solar panel installation services will install the system. Solar systems consist of solar panels or modules, a mounting system, and a solar inverter with a computerized controller.

Solar panels produce DC electricity from the sun. A battery will be required if you want a battery backup system or an off-the-grid solar system.

The panels generating the power last for 25 to 30 years, which is the industry standard life span.

Occasional rain will typically be enough to keep the panels naturally and safely clean. But an excess of debris on the panels could result in lower production. Solar panels work during the winter months, but their output is lower than during the summer months. Days are shorter, and snow can reduce or shut down output temporarily. But actually, solar panels are more efficient during cold weather.

Your business will not technically own the solar panel system. The energy produced by the panels is not free. The solar lease agreement will state that the solar company retains ownership, and the business will pay for the electricity it produces.

Commercial Roofing

A commercial roof is typically flat because it is more cost-effective when compared to a pitched roof. While it is easier to put a sloped roof on a residential home, it is dangerous, impractical, and difficult to do on a large commercial building.

A professional roofing installation can be one of six common commercial roof types and materials.

1. Built-up roofing membrane (BUR)

2. Garden “green” roofing system

3. Metal roofing

4. Modified bitumen roofing

5. Thermoplastic roof membrane (PVC and TPO)

6. Thermoset roof membrane (EPDM)

Preventive Roof Maintenance

A well-maintained commercial roof has many obvious benefits. It lasts longer, offers better protection against weather, and saves large amounts of money. A re-roof repair stops problems before they can become larger problems causing more damage. Here are some tips to help you care for your roof.

1. A seeping roof can be extremely hazardous. Don’t allow your business to suffer from standing roof water or blocked drains that can leak into your attic or air duct system, as repair costs can be high. When you notice a leak, call a repair service immediately. If neglected, the damage could lead to electrical damage, equipment damage, or roof collapse.

2. Have your roof professionally inspected every year. Regular preventive maintenance allows crews to keep watch for sagging and leaks. A weak spot in a roof will eventually lead to additional problems. Preventive maintenance will prevent costly damage and replacement.

3. Do not walk on the roof of your business. Leave that to the professionals. It can cause lasting damage and impact life expectancy. Installation of walk pads can be a wise investment. They allow easy access to the professionals you hire and can be removed easily if needed.

4. Your business must have the name of a professional roof repair company available. An experienced company will provide an estimate and recommendations for any damage sustained. They will give thermal requirements for your building, vapor flow, and ventilation capabilities the business requires. The professionals can provide a detailed safety plan, which will keep employees and contractors safe.

Create a Good First Impression

A proper commercial landscape design is part function and part form. The design should enhance the overall image and look for your building, but the design elements also should serve a functional purpose.

Obtain landscape design ideas from a professional landscaping contractor to see what a good design can do to make an excellent first impression for your business.

1. Your business or building has a brand, and your landscape conveys that. There are landscape elements that can say whether it is healing, soothing, sustainable, professional, fun, edgy, or forward-thinking.

2. The landscape design can encourage people to stay longer and linger, or it can keep them away. Consider the addition of tables, chairs, and benches, fountains, and low walls for seating. People enjoy a venue that provides hospitality with fire pits or lawn games to encourage them to stay longer.

3. Most businesses want to direct people to their entrance, which can be done by controlling traffic flow. Highlight the entrance points to the building using trees and plants. Paths and walkways can also be enhanced with trees and shrubs or by the use of stone or brick wall features. Those elements make visual statements in addition to performing an important function.

4. Attract people to your business by providing areas for seating. It feels inviting and encourages people to do business. But the opposite is also true. If there is little or no shade, or if the landscape is not attractive, it can turn prospective customers away. Also, employees must be pleased and proud of the overall appearance of their place of employment.

5. There is so much thought put into the architectural design. Make sure it is accentuated with a beautiful landscape design. Drama at the front entrance or along the driveways with colorful shrubs, trees, and flowers make an excellent first impression. They can also add drama to atriums or courtyards.

6. Consider commercial lawn care to ensure that your landscape is green, lush, and beautiful. Yellow spots from lack of proper watering or weeds are unattractive and unsightly. Research suggests that any green space from hiking trails to local parks can make an individual happier and boost mental health. But when it comes to green space, the quality of that space is more important than the quantity.

7. Your landscape can be designed so that it contributes to the conservation of water and energy. Shade your buildings, so it is protected from the hot summer sun and blocks harsh winds in the winter.

8. Consider adding a green roof to your building. It helps control water run-off, reduces heating and cooling expenses, and is relatively easy to do because it is flat.

When thinking about landscape design, consider how it will look at maturity. Consider placement and scale of trees and shrubs. Understand the level of maintenance that will be required with the design your choose. Make sure you can keep it healthy and looking good, or hire a professional landscaping company to perform the care and routine maintenance for you.

A landscape professional can also advise about plants, shrubs, and trees that are low maintenance but can still provide the beauty and functional benefits you desire.

Adding safety and comfort to the workplace is an easy way to improve employee morale and engagement. Some of these ideas are ways to implement enhanced employee morale. The safety and health of employees is a significant issue when attaining organizational goals. There is a health and safety impact on business; such programs and policies protect employees and others affected by an organization’s services, activities, and products.

The fact that employee engagement with their work makes for more productive employees makes logical sense and has been proven by many employee satisfaction data for years. Uncomfortable environments and clothing can slow down work processes which will negatively impact productivity and the worker’s level of engagement.

Providing a comfortable and safe working environment for your employees will pay for itself over time. Whether it is providing ergonomically correct seating, proper temperature control – not too hot or cold, or making the property grounds aesthetically pleasing and inviting for them and your customers, these will add to your business’s success and longevity, making it worth the time, effort, and money.