People consider buying their home to be one of the biggest decisions of their lifetime. The city you settle down in, the size of your home, and the neighborhood you chose will ultimately affect the person you’re going to be for a while. Your home is almost always your biggest asset and investment.

Moneywise it is the center of your finances. Rent and mortgage payments are usually one’s biggest expense. In turn, the home also becomes your biggest asset. But it takes some work for that asset to eventually pay off.

Unfortunately its not as simple as just buying yourself a house and living in it. Houses take a lot of time, money, and effort to keep up. You have to take proper care of your home and also keep features and appliances updated.

If you do not keep up with proper care of your house your house will lose value. The general cost of the property will depreciate and when you sell the house you may not make back the money you initially spent on it.

For those who are financially focused, taking care to have the best, safe return on investment possible is very important to them. If you are a financially minded individual or are concerned about getting the best, safe return on investment then it would be prudent to pay attention to the care and renovation of your home.

How to Ensure Your Return on Investment

The standard home has a certain number of rooms and floors but they all have a few things in common. The bathroom and the kitchen are a necessity in any home. It is precisely because of their necessity that makes them such a focus for potential home buyers. 

Any realtor worth their salt knows that the two most important parts of the house to focus on for renovations are the bathroom and the kitchen. If there’s any part of the house to keep up with its there. These rooms are considered the best way to actually tell the shape of the building as its harder to hide structural flaws there.

Any potential buyer will immediately notice water stains, mold, and rusty pipes in a bathroom. Similarly, broken kitchen appliances are impossible to hide. If you are trying to sell a house this is the fastest and most effective way to complete renovations without completely rehauling your whole property. 

Buyers will often overlook a slightly outdated living room as this can be changed greatly with some simple interior design choices. The same can’t be said for a bathroom or kitchen. This is why if you’re interested in the best, safe return on investment kitchen remodeling and bathroom renovations are a top priority.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is the most utilitarian remodel for a home as its such a necessity for people. Between getting ready for the day and answering calls of nature we spend a lot of time there. And there is nothing less desirable than trying to clean yourself in an old poorly taken care of bathroom with rotting or decaying tiles

So when trying to maintain the best, safe return on investment for your home, starting with a bathroom remodel is really smart. Making sure the tiling and grouting is neat and clean will make a big difference in the overall look in your bathroom. As well as buying new fixture heads can go a long way without really breaking the bank.

Obviously the first things that need to be changed are any immediate plumbing issues or repairs. Having a plumber look over the piping in your home regularly is smart regardless but you’re certainly not going to sell a house in need of toilet repair. If your toilet is having trouble flushing or keeps backing up, be sure to call an expert to look at it. 

After necessary repairs and functionality work is completed, a bathroom remodels can use an aesthetic update. Choosing a color scheme that fits with the rest of your home is smart but many realtors note that perfectly crisp, whitewash bathrooms are the fastest to sell. White makes spaces look bigger, have more light, and appear more modern and clean. 

Other popular trends are in the bathroom fixtures. Titanium or platinum colored showerheads are very popular in commercial bathroom design. Frameless shower doors are also particularly en vogue for bathroom redesigns. They give a truly futuristic and minimalist aesthetic perfectly without overpowering the bathroom. Also, keep in mind that a single glass door is often a lot easier to clean.

Choosing a few key features in your bathroom remodel to focus on will be smart if you’re on a budget. Perhaps a new sink and shower tub if the toilet has been replaced more recently. Also giving future buyers options is smart too. 

Perhaps a bathroom attached to the master bedroom could have a high-quality jacuzzi bathtub for parents looking to relax,  while the kid’s bathroom has a more standard bathtub, shower setup. Either way, a whole bathroom renovation will only help with the value and future sellability of your house. It’s a no brainer for those looking for the best, safe return on investment. 

The Kitchen

The other half of this pie is the kitchen. The kitchen is an essential part of any home. Its where you store and prepare your food and houses all of the home’s major appliances. Stove, dishwasher, fridge freezers, microwaves toasters, and coffee makers all find their home in most people’s kitchens. This is why designing and remodeling kitchens can be a particularly tricky task.

Not only do kitchens need the proper space for all the appliances but most people like to have a table in their kitchen, plus counter space and space to store your food. Kitchen remodels can be one of the most expensive remodels a house can go through but it is also the best, safe return on investment.

A well designed and taken care of the kitchen will help a house to sell faster than almost anything else. So despite it being a more costly endeavor than others in the home, it is the one that gives the best reward. A custom kitchen remodel almost always ends up paying for itself and then some. 

Similarly to the bathroom, the first thing be aware of when starting your kitchen remodel is any necessary renovations. A refrigerator repair is not an option whether you’re trying to sell your house or just keep living in it. Often seemingly simple repairs are actually more complicated than they seem, so be sure to contact a professional to check out these appliance repairs is vital. 

If you already did a bathroom remodel, then your plumber should’ve checked the piping involved with your kitchen sink but if a bathroom remodels were not in your plans than you’ll want someone to look at that as well. 

Having a good working and high-quality stove has shown to go very far for selling houses as well. Making sure it is big enough to house a full turkey and things of that nature will help with sellability. This gives future homeowners an option to cook for their family or friends. 

Replacing your dishwasher may also be a very smart idea as these are almost always left with their house upon sale. A state of the art platinum or chrome dishwasher will help your kitchen look clean and modern. Most other appliances are left up to buyers to bring themselves, but it couldn’t hurt if you wanted to include appliances in with the sale of the house. 

From there most kitchen remodels will require aesthetic choices. Often hiring a professional interior designer is important at this stage as it will require a professional’s expertise and knowledge on how to get renovations done. Professionals will know what sells best, what is most trendy and the most effective ways to achieve these goals.

Often storage is important to getting well-built kitchen cabinets and countertops is vital for a kitchen to remodel. Cabinets can often be overlooked as being less important than major appliances but they make a big difference in the convenience and the aesthetics of the kitchen.

The overall size and shape of the kitchen is important. Many house try to squeeze the kitchen in as much as possible. Many of us remember living in apartments with impossibly small kitchens and by the time one is ready to buy a house they will probably have outgrown living like that. So making your kitchen spacious enough for multiple people, and even a central table is very smart.

Similarly the bathrooms most modern designers recommend white and platinum or silver fixtures. White makes spaces look bigger, lighter, and cleaner. Kitchens have the added design feature of specialty lighting installation. While most bathrooms have less space to work in specialty lighting, kitchens benefit greatly from thoughtful lighting design. And making sure that lights are bright and help one to see even at night is also very important. Putting them on a dimmer could add a whole nothing dimension of usability for future home buyers. 

While all of these features are not necessary, employing at least a few of these ideas in your home renovations will help with getting the best, safe return on investment.

In Conclusion

Planning out a budget is also infinitely beneficial when starting a home remodel. And having support and contact with specialists will also take you far. But being smart to keep up with care and renovations on your home as they happen will be greatly beneficial for the best, safe return on investment.

Many people dream of owning a home so taking care to design yours beautifully will always be worth it. It will make your time in the space more positive and memorable as well as be incredibly useful for those hoping to resell. If your financially or economically conscious you know how integral the housing market is. And most of us have some stake in it. Being smart about the kinds of renovations your do on your house makes a big difference.

Experts recommend focusing on the bathroom and kitchen if you are looking for the best, safe return on investment but any addition or renovation will help. Taking care to consider your home’s space, talk to professionals, and budget out renovation is smart and productive.