Portable employer of record

Among employees, the payroll department is one of most popular departments in any business. After all, who doesn’t like to get paid? Still, the problem with payroll departments is that they, much like the every other department, can screw up. With payroll, however, even the smallest mistakes can be disastrous. Small companies — that is, companies with 50 employees or less — sometimes struggle with payroll, considering the amount of skill and resources necessary to run an effective payroll department is not always available.

Thankfully, there are options for businesses like these. Outsourced payroll providers specialize in handling payroll and general human resource services for third-party companies. They realize the necessity of clean, efficient payroll and the inexperience many small businesses have in handling it. By hiring outsourced payroll services, businesses can save time, money, and resources for other departments and projects. Financial bookkeeping is hard enough as it is. Why not leave it to professionals who know exactly what to do, from calculating tax rates to maintaining a thorough inventory.

Taxes are of particular importance, especially in Canada. Canadian tax laws for businesses are known for their rigor. One slip-up can cost a business dearly. Canada has 190 laws on the books for payroll processing alone! It goes without saying that especially for those businesses struggling with basic payroll duties, turning them over to professional contractors is the best way to go — for your business as well as for your employees.

Whether you own a small business in need of assistance or you own a larger one who would like to transfer those challenging responsibilities to a third-party, hiring a payroll processing company is a sound decision. One thing is for sure: your employees won’t mind a bit!

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