Outdoor payment terminal

While businesses that don’t accept credit cards and debit cards are fairly rare these days, there are some payment types that most businesses don’t use or accept. Traditionally, credit and debit card purchases are made on a payment terminal, which is usually in one fixed point in a store, restaurant, or other business. But there are other ways to accept payments without taking cash or checks — through mobile payments technology.

When you hear the phrase “mobile payments technology,” this wording is actually referring to a couple of different mobile payments solutions. These options give consumers and businesses alike more ways to pay and accept payments. Here are the main differences in the mobile payments technology of today:

Mobile Payments on a Tablet or Smartphone

Using a tablet or smartphones for mobile payments is an easy way for business owners to help customers pay with credit and debit cards. In retail, employees can form a checkout line anywhere in the store, which is especially useful during peak hours. At restaurants, servers can allow customers the convenience of paying for their meals right at their table. Businesses that travel can also benefit from these mobile payments to give an option besides cash payments — all that’s needed is a wireless internet connection. These options are 100% PCI compliant and the card swipe devices are safe, as well.

Mobile Payments Using a Smartphone

Traditional POS systems in retail and other businesses are allowing for customers to use their mobile phones to payments. Apps like Apple Pay and Google Wallet are catching on with consumers because they allow a safe way to pay without a card present. Other retailers and merchant services companies are also developing their own mobile payment applications, as well. Some retailers are working on their own applications in order to avoid paying for payment processing; others, however, may embrace Apple Pay and other options as a way of offering a popular and convenient system to their customers.

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