Douglas fleit

American Real Estate Partners with its headquarters in Herndon Virginia is headed by Douglas E Fleit. It is a privately held, full service real estate investment firm that focuses on commercial real estate and financial services in the Eastern Seaboard area of the United States. Douglas E Fleit indicates that the company has the philosophy to identify opportunity and manage risk in order to create value.

Commercial property, also called investment or income property, refers to land or buildings that are intended to generate a profit, either through rental income or capital gain. This commercial property can include office buildings, medical centers, industrial property, malls, hotels, retail stores, multifamily housing, farm land, warehouses, and garages.

Because the principals of American Real Estate Partners got their start in office building development and commercial leasing, they are particularly qualified to help with a commercial real estate investing opportunity. Douglas E Fleit and the other partners of the company work with investors around the globe when investing in commercial real estate. Douglas E Fleit and his team also have experience in real estate acquisition, asset management, risk management, and construction.

The entire team, including Douglas Fleit learned the commercial real estate business from the bottom up and as such, has amassed the experience that makes them qualified to help with real estate investments. Douglas E Fleit has more than 25 years of experience and has worked in many different markets around the country. He has worked with leasing, financing, sales and development and actually has an incredible 30 million square feet of transactions.

Douglas E Fleit and his team have created one of the top notch real estate companies in their market. They have acquired assets for investment partners and helped position these assets in order to reach maximum profitability.
American Real Estate Partners and Douglas E Fleit pride themselves in bring a thoughtful, measured, and profession approach to all of their transactions. When you are ready to step into the commercial real estate arena and want the best representation possible, contact the professionals at American Real Estate Partners.
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