Luxury features can turn your custom home into a true work of art. They can also turn your home into the dazzling centerpiece of your neighborhood. On top of that, the aforementioned features can yield significant returns that will pay off handsomely if you ever decide to sell your custom luxury home. But which lavish features deserve to be included in your custom building project? Learn more about the ideal luxury home features by continuing below.

1. Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is synonymous with modern home design. Also known as open concept plans, these layouts combine several rooms into one large space by removing or reducing partitions such as walls and doors. More often than not, the rooms combined into one space include the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Bedrooms and bathrooms are not integrated into the open floor plan.

They are called open floor plans because they promote continuity throughout the home’s living spaces. Movement from one room to the next remains seamless. That openness allows people to come and go as they please.

Why should you be interested in establishing an open floor plan inside your custom luxury home? For starters, those floor plans allow homeowners to maximize their available space. Custom homes with open floor plans feel more comfortable because their interiors are not divided into cramped rooms.

Featuring an open floor plan also makes sense from a resource standpoint. You can condition the air inside your home more effectively with no partitions getting in the way. Natural light can also spread better thanks to that design layout.

Open concept plans are expensive to execute because you need stronger support structures. With no interior walls available to support weight, the beams inside your home have to be stronger. Getting those heavy-duty beams will cost you a pretty penny. Even so, their value boost makes the project more than worth it.

2. High-Quality Fixtures and Finishes

High-quality fixtures and finishes help define a custom luxury home. Without them, your home would lack that wow factor that is synonymous with a luxurious setting. They can serve as accents that complement other features inside your home, or they could be the centerpieces of certain rooms that take your interior décor to the next level.

Custom entry doors can be posh additions that completely change the look and feel of your home. Mahogany doors are among the most expensive options available. Those doors remain highly coveted despite how much they cost because they offer high-end durability and unique aesthetic appeal.

Home fixtures imbued with modern technology are also becoming more popular. These can be stylish and practical additions that make your home more beautiful and convenient. Security-focused fixtures are particularly important inside luxury homes.

The right type of finish can make an otherwise ordinary-looking feature appear more elegant. Matte finishes are welcome in modern homes. If you’re looking for something more that better embodies your unique sense of style, you can request a matching finish that blends different colors and textures.

custom luxury home

3. Custom Details Throughout the Home

No custom luxury home would live up to its billing without certain flourishes. Ultimately, you have to decide which deluxe details you want integrated into your home design. However, we have some suggestions you may want to consider.

A custom window can add that touch of refinement that rounds out your revamped interior décor. Floor-to-ceiling windows fit well inside luxury homes because they show off the household’s many impressive features. Make sure those windows feature multiple panes of glass so they can remain fixtures for a long time. The multiple glass panes also allow those windows to regulate interior temperatures better.

Custom cabinets can also be wonderful additions to any home. Have them customized to fit the exact dimensions you have available in your master bedroom. You can also ask the builders to install them flush with the wall so they are concealed whenever they’re not in use.

A true luxury home should feature personalized details everywhere. Even your baseboards and crown molding should be customized. Brainstorm potential designs with your builders. Use them to finish your home interior and increase your property’s value.

4. In-Ground Pool

Creating a custom luxury home involves more than elevating your interior décor. You must also complement that aspect of your property with similarly high-end outdoor features. Any outdoor landscape could use a stunning centerpiece. Custom pools fit into that role remarkably well.

In-ground pools are regarded as more luxurious fixtures relative to their above-ground counterparts. You have to pay more for those in-ground pools because they require more planning. The installers will have to inspect your backyard before laying down the supporting hardware for your custom pool.

Adding certain features to your new swimming pool can take it over the top. An automatic cover is a smart addition. With that automatic cover added to your swimming pool, you don’t have to worry about your kids or pets falling in the water whenever it’s not in use.

A grotto combined with a waterfall can turn your swimming pool into a more eye-catching backyard fixture. Laminar jets can help draw more attention to your in-ground pool as well. Those laminar jets can fire high arcs of water into the sky. The arcs of water will look even more spectacular if the laminar jets are paired with LEDs.

5. Large Garage

The garage probably shouldn’t be the fanciest part of your custom luxury home, but there’s no reason why you should avoid investing in it. A custom garage can simultaneously be a practical and luxurious element of your new home. We’ve come up with some suggestions you can mention to a custom construction service if you’re trying to build a luxury garage.

To get started, you will need plenty of space. If your current garage is on the smaller side, consider opening it up. The ideal garage should be able to house all of your vehicles and your desired additions.

Next, you need to pick the right door for your new garage. A custom garage door made from cedar or mahogany would be a perfect addition to your property. Make sure the garage door can be opened using a remote control because it otherwise wouldn’t be much of a luxury or value-boosting addition.

Custom cabinets and storage are welcome inside the garage. You can use them to store your tools and other items related to vehicle maintenance. Using stain-resistant paint inside the garage is also highly recommended. Choosing that paint for your garage can reduce the amount of maintenance work you must do.

6. Spacious, Well-Designed Bathrooms

Bathrooms may be private spaces, but they can still benefit from some luxury additions. Similar to the garage, the simplest way to turn your bathroom into a luxurious element of your home is to make it bigger. Create more space inside your bathroom to make it more comfortable and relaxing.

What can you do with all that space available inside your bathroom? Since you are building a custom luxury home, you should consider installing a personal sauna. Nothing quite says luxury like having a sauna inside your bathroom that you can use whenever you please.

Underfloor heating is another great touch to a luxury bathroom. With that feature in place, you’ll never have to experience being jolted awake by frigid bathroom tiles. The aforementioned feature can also make your bathroom more hygienic.

Natural stone tiles are aesthetic additions that will complement your underfloor heating. Complete your revamped bathroom décor with natural light fixtures and custom shower doors. The custom shower doors are especially helpful because they open up more design possibilities for your bathroom. All of those additions will yield impressive returns if you ever decide to cash in.

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7. Beautiful Living Spaces

Creating a comfortable space should always be the priority when designing a new living room. However, you cannot focus solely on that if your goal is to construct a custom luxury home. You must also fill that space with stylish yet sensible additions. The potential additions capable of fitting into that living room setting are pretty varied.

You can begin refreshing your living room décor by choosing a new centerpiece. Custom fireplace mantels may not immediately spring to mind as ideal living room centerpieces, but they can work because they already accentuate eye-catching elements. Wood is often the material of choice for fireplace mantels, with mahogany being an especially popular pick. You can go with natural stone if you want something different.

Choosing the right pieces of furniture to feature in your living room is also critical. Pick a sofa that fits your established décor and do your best to maintain it. A coffee table made from natural wood can tie the elements of your new living room décor together.

Remember to decorate the walls of your living room as well. Paintings and mirrors can be stylish additions to your living room walls. Plants are also worth considering because they can add a lively quality to your new décor.

8. High-Quality Exterior Finishes

It’s important to consider your options carefully when choosing an exterior finish. Aside from changing your custom luxury home’s appearance and increasing its value, your choice of siding will also determine how much maintenance work you’ll have to do moving forward. Run your choice by your custom home builder to get an idea of what it entails.

Natural stone veneers and wood siding are the most popular exterior finishes for luxury homes. Starting with natural stone veneers, using them to finish your home exterior is a great idea because they impart a distinctive look while imposing minimal maintenance requirements. Natural stone veneers are also considered long-lasting additions.

Wood siding is lauded for its design versatility. You can pair it with just about any design scheme, and it will be complementary regardless. The main issue with wood siding is its maintenance demands. Regular upkeep is required if you want it to stay in prime condition.

9. Lake Access

Real estate investors and folks looking for a new home are willing to pay top dollar for lakefront properties, with good reason. Living in that kind of property means you can always enjoy spectacular views. Find a good spot just before sunset and bask in the majesty of that setting.

Owning a lakefront property also allows you to take up water sports. Try out all the options and see which one you like the most. You can even build a custom dock next to the lake so you can get in and out quickly.

Many lakefront properties also fetch high prices on the real estate market. Purchase one today, turn it into your dream custom luxury home, and flip it down the line for a huge profit. You can make a ton of money from that single real estate transaction.

Then again, a lakefront home does have some drawbacks as well. For instance, you’ll likely have to pay more insurance premiums to protect that investment. Pests can also make your lakefront home less accommodating. Weigh those potential drawbacks before you offer the down payment for that lakefront property.

10. Vaulted Ceilings

Last but not least, you can complete your custom luxury home by adding a vaulted ceiling. A vaulted ceiling features an arch that extends from the interior walls of your home up to a spot right beneath your roof. They are striking yet uncommon home elements often paired with ceiling beams to accentuate their appearance.

Why have vaulted ceilings become less common? Well, that probably has to do with them being expensive and inefficient. You’ll have to pay more for air conditioning if your home has a vaulted ceiling.

Many buyers are willing to pay a premium for a home with a well-designed vaulted ceiling. Even folks who don’t consider themselves fans of vaulted ceilings may change their mind once they see what you have inside your home. You may be able to line up more than a few buyers by integrating that ceiling into your home design.

Hopefully, you now have an idea of which luxury features you want to feature inside your custom home. Go ahead and build them today, knowing they will yield significant returns in the future. Contact us today, and let’s start building those luxury features!