Military financial planning service is vital for anyone who is an active duty military member. A military financial planning service can help individuals prepare for the time when they retire and enter veteran status. This video provides tips for military members that will help them prepare for their financial future in the short term and in the long term.

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Military members face unique financial situations that many people never have to consider. For example, handling combat pay and other types of pay that are above and beyond base pay. Following the tips in this video will help you to meet your short-term financial goals and your long-term financial goals. Learn about retirement saving options including an overview of what the TSP program is and how the program works. The presenter also touches on ROTH IRAs and the tax benefits that they can offer.

There’s information about government-sponsored programs that are in place from the Department of Defense that can help military members better manage their finances. These professional money managing tips for military members and their families can help you to get your finances on track and prepare for veteran status. Watch the video now to learn more.