Many Americans today have involved in both the loan industry and the car industry, in the sense that many American adults today own or lease cars, whether used or new, and they often take out loans for paying various expenses in their lives, whether for big projects like financing a new home or just for paying their bills on time. Sometimes, these two industries intersect, like when a new car buyer will get financing for his/her new car at a dealership lot, but other times, a person can get a title loan instantly to borrow money. What exactly is that? What does it mean to get a title loan instantly? Auto title loans are a sizeable business for car owners getting loans fast, and a person interested in getting such a loan may search for “get a title loan instantly” or “best car title loan places near me” to locate such a business and visit to apply for that loan. Any car owner may opt to get a title loan instantly if they so choose, though a person interested in borrowing money this way should be aware of how it works, and what responsibilities and risks come with getting a car title loan. How does this work?

A potential borrower should also be aware of general trends of getting loans in the United States today, such as who owes how much money and for what. Car loans are among the biggest and most common sources of debt among American adults, with a record-setting 107 million Americans paying toward an auto loan. All together, in the year 2017, this collective debt came out to a total of $568.6 billion in car loans, and it has been found that 44% of American adults, nearly half of them, are using loans to pay for their vehicles. In fact, a significant portion of all American debt is comprised of vehicle loans: 9.03% of the total American debt balance. Vehicle loans are the most common types, at 31%, with the next two biggest reasons to borrow being bill payment at 26%, or personal emergencies at 21%. Personal loans can vary in amount from a mere $50 to an incredible $200,000, but it has been determined that the average loan is closer to $7,576. So, how can a person aim to get a title loan instantly?

Borrowing Against the Title

Someone looking to get a car title loan can first look up local shops that offer this service, often either with an Internet search or consulting a loan expert in his/her area to get the name and address of such a place. Once one is found, the owner of a car title can drive to this place with their car title, go inside, and apply for this type of loan. The process is relatively simple, and may not even require the borrower’s credit score or proof of income. In fact, the process may take as little as half an hour, and the borrower will receive a loan based on a percentage of their car’s value, and they will give over their car title as collateral, making this a type of secured loan. The borrower may then leave with the money.

Such loans are fast and easy to obtain, but they carry risks. The borrower will have a set time to repay the loan at a high APR, and if they do not meet these terms, the car may get repossessed, and this happens fairly often to such borrowers. The money will be expected either within 30 days, or the borrower can make installment payments, both at a very high APR over 200% or more. Another option for the borrower is to take out another loan and create a debt cycle in the process, and this means extra expenses since a fee is paid every time a loan is taken out, and it is relatively rare for a person trying to get a title loan instantly to only take out one loan. Most take out more than one, and some borrowers may take out seven or more loans, incurring the expense of fees every time. Borrowers must know what they are getting into beforehand and be ready.