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Are your taking advantage of your sales space? And what measures exactly have you took to boost your marketing and merchandising effort? Well, as a retailer and a business owner, these are just some of the questions that need serious answers if you are aiming to outdo your competitors. While there so many marketing approaches to promote your goods, it is important to find the most convenient and effective strategies that not only yield great results but also reduce the overall cost of marketing. One great retailing tool you could try is the use retail display fixtures.

Retail displays serve different purposes and provide numerous benefits to a retailer. From product positioning and maximizing product placement to proper product organization, store fixtures directly impacts on sales and store efficiency. In addition, these fixtures create an appealing display of products drawing attention from potential customers. Besides, customers always seek for a great shopping experience whether they’ll make a purchase or not. According to a 2011 consumer experience statistics, about 86% of consumer will pay more for a better experience. Perhaps this is the main reason why shoppers make 82% percent of their purchase decisions in the store.

There are various retail display fixtures ranging from simple display racks, stands, sign holders, register stands to other visual merchandising accessories such as lamp display, wire mesh, and suspension rails for signs. These displays are effective for everyday merchandising particularly on fast moving products. Well displayed products on shelves and racks have the power to improve in-store sales and also influence the purchase of other related items.

With a variety of retail store fixtures available, you can effectively arrange and accommodate a wide range of merchandise. From clothing, beauty accessories, shoes, impulse items among others, consumers can locate and interact with merchandise much faster, making their shopping experience worthwhile.

Below are some effective retail display fixtures that can go a long way to boost your merchandising campaign.

Slatwall Panels
For maximum product display, Slatwall panels offer a neat and simple look, while delivering maximum flexibility to rearrange your merchandising layout. There are different types of Slatwall fixtures and the most common are panels, peg hooks, shelves, acrylic door sign holder, countertop spinners, metal display signs, wire baskets among others. With a variety of fixtures selection to choose from, you can keep your store looking fresh and meet the specific display need your store may bring.

Whether you’re selling scarves, socks, ties, shirt, dresses, pants or other kinds of outfits, you can make them visible to customers through functional store hangers. This display fixture comes in different design and shapes to offer you more merchandising options for both children and adults products. You can get wooden hangers which are perfect for shirt and dress displays. Also, there are metallic hangers you can use on different kinds of clothes. Hangers are suitable to display fixtures in that they minimize display space while maximizing item visibility.

Jewelry Displays
When you merchandise jewels in your store, it is important you find display fixtures that highlight the beauty of pieces of jewelry. For instance, you could use half moon style displayer or t-bar displayer perfect for watches, bangles, bracelet and other round shaped jewelries. Also, there are other beautiful designed earring displayers you can use. Other common jewelry displayers include trays, foam pads, tags and neck pads and foams. These type of store fixtures can help your customer locate what they favorite jewels faster.

Another great retail display fixtures are shelves. They come in numerous designs to meet specific merchandising needs. Examples are wood melamine shelves, grid wall shelves, glass shelves and plastic shelves. Proudly display your products with shelves and enjoy flexibility in merchandising. The good thing about shelves is that you can place virtually any product on them and attain neat product appeal. In addition, Shelves are simple to install and easy to clean.

Mannequins and Forms
If there is one realistic retail display fixture that instantly attracts customers, that would be mannequins. You can either have a hand form to display gloves, watches, rings and other items that can be worn on hands. Or, you can choose full figured flexible mannequins to display outfits of different sizes and gender.