Integrated pos

Are you looking for complete payment solutions for your brick-and-mortar or online retail business? If so, obtaining an integrated point of sale system, or integrated POS, is an effective solution.

One of the major reasons why you want an integrated POS is because it can make the shopping experience easier and more positive for your customers. Many customers encounter issues while attempting to make a purchase, and as a result, sales may not occur.

Approximately 66% of online customers choose to abandon their shopping carts due to one or more issues with the purchasing process. One of the issues with 23% of shoppers is when they have to register for an account in order to make a purchase.

With an integrated POS system, you have the ability to provide receipts. While 42% of the shoppers polled prefer to receive an email receipt, 29% prefer a print receipt if an email receipt is not available. Just 18% of the shoppers polled do not want a receipt.

Do you have a customer loyalty program? You may be interested to know that 75% of the shoppers surveyed stated that they belonged to approximately ten of these programs. These types of programs provide an excellent incentive to earn points and other benefits.

Another aspect that drives brand loyalty and sales is online content. This applies, in particular, to 62% of the Millennials that were surveyed. It’s also important to have unique content created on a regular basis. When Millennials return to one of their popular sites, they expect to have new content to read.

While brick-and-mortar stores continue to generate 94% of total retail sales, many of these stores have an online presence. When an integrated POS system is available online as well, additional purchases may be made. Furthermore, since so many people shop online with their smartphones and other digital devices, after they’ve left a brick-and-mortar store and consider their options, they may decide to purchase that item online instead.

As a business, you want to draw in new customers while maintaining the customer base that you currently have. Were you aware, however, that the probability of making sales to your current customers ranges from 60%-to-70%? This is in contrast to making sales to new customers, which ranges between 5%-to-20%.

There were approximately 200 million individuals that shopped online during 2015. The average spent? $1,700 per person. Currently, eCommerce sales total approximately $294 billion, which demonstrates the popularity of, and necessity for, a customer-centered and positive online shopping experience.

You may also be interested to know that when shoppers are purchasing an expensive or high-ticket item, they prefer to use their credit cards. This was the case with 55% of the individuals polled, particularly when they treated themselves to a fine dining experience.

When considering the benefits and advantages of an integrated POS system, 93% of the retailers surveyed stated that they wanted to have inventory management capabilities. These and other capabilities are available with an integrated POS system in order to streamline conducting business.