Buy structured settlements

Are you a good money manger but have no money in hand to invest? Do you want to pay off your debts or create a college fund for your grandchildren? If you have a structured settlement from a lottery win, lawsuit or insurance payout, you may be able to turn the annual payments into a one-time lump sum. By selling an annuity settlement, you can control your money, to use it as you need.

Do you have a structured settlement annuity?
Structured settlements are a popular way of disbursing large amounts of money. The money may originate in lottery payments, a lawsuit settlement or an insurance payout. By the end of 2013, the total value of deferred annuity contracts was more than $2.58 trillion. This sum included 34.8 million individual contracts. The average amount of a structured settlement payout is $324,000.
Structured settlements offer an assured annual income for a period varying from 20 to 30 years.
As many as 37,000 people in the U.S. use income from structured settlements each year. But for those who need a large sum of money in hand, selling an annuity settlement may be a good choice.

What are the advantages of selling your annuity?
Selling a structured settlement gives you the cash you’ve always dreamed of having. You may want to take a cruise around the world, to help your kids who are struggling financially, or invest in a tech startup your sister’s kid says will take the world by storm. Or you may just want to pay down your credit card debt or repay your student loans.
With your money tied up in an annuity, you have a secure annual income, but your money remains out of reach. By selling an annuity settlement, you free up your money to follow your dreams.

  • Greater flexibility
    While an annuity gives you a fixed income over a long period of time, your money remains tied up in annual payments. If you have a need for a large sum of money, you cannot borrow against future annuity payments. Any withdrawals from an annuity will be liable for surrender charges in addition to taxes.
  • Control your money
    Selling an annuity settlement gives you control over your money. You can use it as you want, to make a down payment for a house, a car or even a luxury yatch. There are many good reasons for getting cash for structured settlements. A college education can significantly improve your earning capabilities across your entire lifetime. You may want to open your own business or invest in one that your niece or goddaughter has started.
  • Make productive investments
    If you’re a smart money manager, or can rely on someone for good financial advice, you can get cash for your structured settlement and create your own investment portfolio. The amount of a structured settlement is fixed and subject to loss of value over time due to inflation. But wise investments can help you increase the value of your money. You can also use investment as a tool to support businesses and causes you believe in.

Getting good financial advice
Whatever choice you make, you should be sure to get sound, reliable financial advice. Consider the pros and cons of selling an annuity settlement, given your financial situation and goals. As many as 92% of those who sold their structured settlement report that they are satisfied with the choice.
If you decide to get a lump sum in exchange for a structured settlement, be sure to have a sound financial plan in place. It’s easy to spend even large amounts of money. It’s your money, use it wisely and in your best interests.