Cash for  a settlement

Money seems to be one of those constant issues that never quite resolves itself. Up to 76% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck due to bills and other regular expenses. With that being said, up to 62% of questioned Americans have no way of covering unexpected expenses such as a vehicle breaking down. Money is such an issue that less than one out of every four Americans have enough money in their savings account to cover at least six months of expenses without any income. Saving up money and getting ahead is a dream for a lot of people, especially those who are fighting for a settlement in court.

Winning a Structured Settlement in Court

Medical malpractice, personal injury, and other civil cases rarely make it to trial because up to 90% settle outside of court. Hiring a lawyer is crucial to building your case, yet as discussed above it may be difficult to gather the funds to win the case and ultimately receive money. If you can get approved for pre-settlement cash, you can receive a loan that can help pay bills from car payments and rent, to legal fees. In some cases, those that get approved for pre-settlement cash only pay for the loan if the settlement goes through — depending on the type of pre-settlement cash advance you receive there is little to no risk involved.

How to Get Cash for Your Settlement Now!

Those who win a structured settlement in court may be disappointed to learn that their money comes to them in fixed payments. Up to 65% of surveyed Americans would prefer a lump sum payment to structured payments. Many of those with structured settlements or annuities quickly sell them off to avoid surrender charges, maintenance fees, and other miscellaneous service charges that deduct from your money. It can take an average of 45 day to receive your money after selling off a structured settlement. If you are tired of waiting to use your money, call a cash advance company to sell your loan and get financially ahead for a change. Read more. Helpful research also found here.