Cash recycler machine

Counting money is not as glamorous as it sounds. Before the invention of currency sorting machines in 1980, bills and coins had to be counting by hand. In order to prevent human error, money counting usually took at least two people and took a considerably long time. In addition, money counters repeated the process two or even three times to make sure they didn’t make a mistake. Needless to say, this process annoyed banks, financial organizations, and governments alike.

However, with modern cash management systems, people can have their money counted in a matter of minutes. These systems use high quality scanners to account for the money and, moreover, to root out counterfeit currency. Businesses and banks like using money counter machines because of their speed, accuracy (100%), and lack of manpower. They can automatically detect the currency’s value and can organize them accordingly.

Cash management solutions have proven to be more than advantageous for businesses and banks that have to count large amounts of money. Their customers also happen to be very satisfied. In addition, government agencies like them because they are excellent in identifying counterfeits. Counterfeiting has always been a serious problem. It is as old as — well, money itself! Especially in the 19th century when banks printed their own currency, investigating and collecting counterfeit bills and coins has become a round-the-clock job involving thousands of people in and outside of government.

With cash management systems, however, their jobs become much easier, leaving them to devote their time and resources to other financial crimes and problems with currency.

Whether you are simply an individual that wants to organize your cash more quickly or a large, multinational bank that needs to account for its own cash, cash management systems makes the global financial system go round and round. For more information about these systems, feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom.