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Payroll Outsourcing A Better Way to Pay Your Employees

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Portable employer of record

Among employees, the payroll department is one of most popular departments in any business. After all, who doesn’t like to get paid? Still, the problem with payroll departments is that they, much like the every other department, can screw up. With payroll, however, even the smallest mistakes can be disastrous. Small companies — that is, companies with 50 employees or less — sometimes struggle with payroll, considering the amount of skill and resources necessary to run an effective payroll department is not always available.

Thankfully, there are options for businesses like these. Outsourced payroll providers specialize in handling payroll and general human re


Be Careful When Processing Payroll For Your Canadian Employees

Written by admin. Posted in Payroll, Payroll provider, Payroll systems

Pay for federal employees

It’s very easy for residents of Canada and the United States to work together, thanks to our proximity and our common language and culture. However, the arrangement becomes a little trickier when it comes time for a U.S. company to pay their Canadian employee. American and Canadian payroll regulations are very different, and it’s important you are allowing your Canadian employee the appropriate benefits. Employment and labor relations in Canada are not only different than those in the U.S., but also vary from province to province.

It’s also important to keep in mind that government benefits for Canadians are vastly different than those in the U.S., (free healthcare, anyone?),