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Selling Your Annuity Gives You Control Over Your Money

Written by admin. Posted in Annuity, Sell my structured settlement for cash, Selling your annuity

Buy structured settlements

Are you a good money manger but have no money in hand to invest? Do you want to pay off your debts or create a college fund for your grandchildren? If you have a structured settlement from a lottery win, lawsuit or insurance payout, you may be able to turn the annual payments into a one-time lump sum. By selling an annuity settlement, you can control your money, to use it as you need.

Do you have a structured settlement annuity?
Structured settlements are a popular way of disbursing large amounts of money. The money may originate in lottery payments, a lawsuit settlement or an insurance payout. By the end of 2013, the total value of deferred annuity contracts was more than $2.58 trillion. This sum included 34.8 million individual contracts. The average amount of


Are You Considering Selling Your Annuity?

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Lottery payments

Saturday?s lottery total is $334 million. Taken as it lump sum it?s $205 million. Although both of these numbers are just estimates, they?re both a lot of money. More money than most of the people searching the internet will ever have access to in their lives. But, it?s good to dream, right?
Although few people will face the decision of how to receive this kind of money, many others are offered the choice between taking settlement cash now or receiving their money through a structured settlement annuity. Insurance benefits, court settlements, and, yes, lottery payouts present these options to recipients.
While many people initially think that a structured pay schedule stretched o


Immediately Cash From Your Lottery Payments — Sell Your Structured Settlement

Written by admin. Posted in Annuity, Sell my structured settlement payments, Sell your structured settlements

Selling your annuity

Did you win a lottery payout recently? Lottery payments usually come in the form of structured settlements — monthly or annual payments which occur over time. For example, one popular lottery payout involves an immediate payment followed by 29 more which happen annually. In some scenarios, this can be a good way of receiving your money. However, if you have an urgent need for cash, you would be much better off if you get cash for your settlement.

Selling an annuity settlement is a smart move if you would rather do away with staggered payments and have the money due to you up front. There are many companies that purchase a lottery annuity and provide you with instant cash. There can be quite a few financial situations which warra