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Why Selling Your Annuity to Pay Off Medical Debt is the Right Choice

Written by admin. Posted in Lump sum versus annuity, Settlement cash now

Selling fixed annuities

Selling your annuity payments is the perfect way to obtain a significant amount of cash very quickly. Even an “immediate” annuity will take 30 days or so to start paying, and then it will be a small fraction of the amount you’re entitled. Whether you’re selling a structured settlement won in a lawsuit or lottery payments in annuity, having the ability to get immediate cash can help you out of a lot of otherwise impossible situations.

Paying off medical debt is one of those situations that can be alleviated by selling your annuity and getting cash for your settlement. Besides


3 Undeniable Advantages of Converting Your Structured Settlement Into Cash

Written by admin. Posted in Cash for annuity now, Sell your structured settlements, Settlement cash now

Sell structured settlement payments

If you’ve recently won a legal settlement or lawsuit, there’s a good chance that you will be receiving this money through structured settlement annuity payments. This means your money won’t be paid out all at once; rather, you’ll receive regular payments over a set period of years.

Many people stick with their structured settlements due to the tax benefits they offer. Over time, structured settlements are worth much more than lump sums, because they’re taxed much less heavily.

However, structured settlements are just that: structured. It’s very likely that you’ll want to make a major purchase or investment within the next few years, but won’t be able to due to your settle