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4 Things You Can Do Once You Sell Your Structured Settlement

Written by admin. Posted in Getting cash for structured settlements, Lottery lump sum payout, Sell fixed annuity

Sell structured settlement payments

According to recent surveys, playing the lottery is the most popular and widely practiced form of gambling in the United States … though some don’t even consider playing the lottery gambling. Those that win the lottery often believe that their lives will instantly change; however, they usually don’t receive lottery winnings upfront. Rather, these individuals, and those that win large amounts of money in lawsuits end up with annuities or structured settlements, with payments being allocated over the course of a long period of time. If you sell your structured settlement or fixed annuity, however, you can get cash quickly. There are many things you can do with this money; the sky is the limit.

1. Purchasing A Home

In the current economy, owning a home i


Selling Your Lottery Winnings for A Lump Sum Payment

Written by admin. Posted in How to get money from a settlement now, Receive lottery winnings, Sell fixed annuity

Selling lottery payments

Congratulations! You just won the lottery! Now you can finally get rid of the debt that has been holding you back from living the life you’ve always imagined. What an incredible feeling. But wait, hold on – you just heard from the lottery officials that you won’t receive those lottery winnings up front, but rather in installments over the next several years or even decades. I’m sure at this point you are feeling deflated and like the rug was pulled out from under you. The process isn’t fair to winners. Don’t lose hope just yet, there is a way to get a lottery lump sum payout by selling lottery payments. Your lottery winnings can also be known as a structured settlement. Selling a structured settlement is a legal proce