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4 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Annuity Payments

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Sell my structured settlement for cash

People choose to sell annuity payments for a variety of reasons. Getting cash for structured settlement payments provides a lump sum of cash up front to use, as you need. This cash is beneficial to resolve sudden financial problems or to provide a specific need or desire at the time. Making the choice to sell annuity payments may be the best option if you are needing a large sum of money quickly and not over a period of time.

Pay off Your Debt

High interest credit cards and loans, which carry a high interest rate, are like throwing money down the drain every time you make a payment. These payments and the interest rates can begin to take a financial toll


How to Turn Your Lotto Payments into a Lump Sum Cash Payout

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Get cash for settlements

Recent media attention has exposed the glamor of lottery winnings, demystifying the lottery and shattering the hopes of millions. But we still play because we want to win. Our lives will be so much different, better even if we win. Well good luck to you; but if you do happen to win let these paragraphs prepare you for the good, the bad, and all of the ugly that has to do with the lottery.

The Problem with Lottery Winnings
It is no surprise to learn that nearly half of lotto winners continue working their jobs after winning the lottery. Many of which cannot afford to live off the meager annual payments offered. Aside from the 25% withheld by national taxes and the additional 2 to 5% withheld by state, you will have regular annual fees depending on the type of annuity. A varia


Three Tips You Can’t Go Without Reading While Selling Your Structured Settlement

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Buy structured settlements

Winning a structured settlement can be a great source of steady, regulated income over the next few decades. These settlements, which are typically awarded in life insurance payouts and employee lawsuits, allow you to get your compensation over time rather than all at once.

Yet financial situations change all the time, and what may have seemed like a sound source of income for the future might now be putting your finances in jeopardy, because you could be using that money to pay for your current unexpected financial obligations. If this is the case, don’t worry — you always have options. And one of the best options to help you avoid a financial crisis might just be to sell structured settlement payments in exchange for a lump sum.

Completely new to the idea of getting your Continue Reading No Comments