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Three Ways Small Pharmacies Can Crush the Competition, Whoever It May Be

Written by admin. Posted in Pharmacy point of sale system, Pos system for pharmacy

Pharmacy management solutions

Independent pharmacies seem to have it rough these days. They’ve been around for so long, and they’ve been loyal to their own small communities, even when a few national pharmacy chains (which shall not be named, just out of spite) popped up and unfairly stole a few customers who swore they would remain loyal too. Now there are these “online pharmacy” monsters (which seem doomed from the start, to be honest) and hundreds of urgent care centers that seem like a doctor’s office/ hospital hybrid, except that some also dispense prescriptions.

If ever there was a time requiring independent pharmacies to beef up their services, that time is right now.

  1. Organize inventory.
  2. The key to mastering the inventory of a store is to predict what customers want before<