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Reasons to Sell Your Fixed Annuity

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Selling lottery payments

Do you have a structured settlement or other kind of fixed annuity? Do you find that you need more cash than it is giving you? Many people opt for selling fixed annuities. This may be an option if you find getting the money sooner than later would benefit you and your family. For a number of people receiving regular payments provides them with what they need to live and gives them a certain amount of peace of mind. This is not for everyone.

Before you set your mind towards selling a fixed annuity, you need to do some research into the idea and into the exact state of your finances. It is a good idea to talk things over with a financial advisor that you trust. The process of selling fixed annuities is not like selling a property or anythings else. There is a process that you have to follow an


The 3 Most Important Ways You Can Reduce Debt

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Cash for structured settlement

American consumers are notorious for getting themselves in debt. Consumers owe over $11.91 trillion in various forms of debt, with credit card debt being among the most popular type of funds owed. Does your debt contribute to this shocking statistic? Read below to learn three key ways to reduce debt.

  1. Establish a budget.
    The first step to reduce debt is to make a clear plan of how to do so. By establishing a budget, you can allocate your funds accordingly and put a portion towards repaying your debts. A budget will not only start the debt repayment process, but it will help you figure out how long it?ll take you to fully pay them off. Determine how much of your money needs to go to household bills, and then to your debts.
    If budgeting isn?t for you, you may wan

4 Things You Can Do Once You Sell Your Structured Settlement

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Sell structured settlement payments

According to recent surveys, playing the lottery is the most popular and widely practiced form of gambling in the United States … though some don’t even consider playing the lottery gambling. Those that win the lottery often believe that their lives will instantly change; however, they usually don’t receive lottery winnings upfront. Rather, these individuals, and those that win large amounts of money in lawsuits end up with annuities or structured settlements, with payments being allocated over the course of a long period of time. If you sell your structured settlement or fixed annuity, however, you can get cash quickly. There are many things you can do with this money; the sky is the limit.

1. Purchasing A Home

In the current economy, owning a home i