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In Plain English What’s An APR?

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Mortgage loan rates

Chances are you’ve heard the term “APR” on credit card commercials, but tons of Americans have no idea what it actually means. So before you refinance mortgage rates or apply for home mortgage interest rates to purchase a home, you should understand what this term really means.

APR — Annual Percentage Rate

An Annual Percentage Rate is the total interest rate in a one year period. There’s also the Effective Annual Percentage Rate, which represents a year’s worth of compound interest plus fees. Essentially, the APR was designed to give home buyers and other loan applicants information on their total annual costs. If you want to refinance mortgage rates or apply for some other type of loan, then the APR will be used to calculate the best interest rates available to you.

Ideally, the A


Three Things Anyone With Money Needs to know About Online Banking

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Best banks

When it comes to banking and technology, people are usually a little wary and apprehensive. We prefer the days of looking to find a bank we trust with tellers we know, since one of the most important things about storing money anywhere is security. Online banking has been around for awhile, and there’s actually no real reason to be anxious about doing it anymore. Here are a few reasons why.

1. It’s actually really secure.
The biggest problem people generally have with using an online checking account is that they think it’s not going to be secure, but that’s actually not the case. Banks typically have very secure log in processes that require complicated and unique passwor