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What Loan Companies Don’t Want You to Know About Pre Settlement Lawsuit Loans

Written by admin. Posted in Cash in structured settlement payments, Lump sum or annuity, Pre settlement lawsuit loan

Best pre settlement loan company

Like so many daytime television fans, you may have those ever popular commercials about getting a pre settlement lawsuit loan. Although many people simply disregard or completely ignore these commercials, you might be paying close attention to them if you suffered from an injury and are unable to work while the medical bills continue to pile up! For these people and others in similar situations, pre settlement loans can be a one way ticket towards financial recovery and a brighter future. This is just one out of many pre settlement loan benefits, with the most important being peace of mind and a sense of security. That in itself is truly priceless!

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3 Ways Selling an Annuity Can Improve Your Financial Standing

Written by admin. Posted in Cash in structured settlement payments, How to get money from a settlement now, Selling a structured settlement

Get cash for settlements

Selling an annuity is one of the single best things you can do to improve your financial standing immediately. Some people will disagree and opt for the safe, consistent income that an annuity provides, but the opportunities open to you by getting cash for structured settlements is almost infinite. Here are three things you can do with the cash you’ll receive that can have a dramatic impact on your life.

    1.) Medical Bills: The rising cost of healthcare has led to a large amount of people being strapped with massive amounts of medical debts. Abou