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Honesty Is the Best Policy 3 Crazy Lottery Stories

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Not being honest about winning the lottery can have some serious consequences. That doesn’t mean you’ll get in trouble for lying about choosing a lottery annuity settlement over a lottery lump sum payout — it means lying about getting any lottery payments at all!

Here are just a few crazy things that have happened to lottery winners after they lied about winning.

Getting Sued. - Americo Lopes was a construction worker who won the New Jersey lottery. Like many might do after winning the lottery, Lopes quit his job. Except, he didn’t tell his employer that he quit because he was stinking rich. He lied, and told them it was because he needed foot surgery. When his coworkers discovered the truth, they weren’t happy for him — they were furious. Five of them sued him for lyin


How Lottery Fantasies Can Teach You About the Real World

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If you are one of the 50% of Americans who play the lottery you have probably heard it all from friends and family before:

  • You have a better chance of getting hit by lighting, twice!
  • You Are wasting your money!
  • No body ever wins!

Baring all the objections in mind have you ever thought about what you would do if you actually did win? Many people might not be aware that if you win the lottery, it is only the beginning of the process. For example the local and state government both take out taxes from the winnings right off the bat.

Lump Sum Versus Annuity

Assuming you were to win Mega Millions, the lottery payments would be paid out yearly over the course of 29 years with the payments being incrementally more each year. If you