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Archive for September, 2019


Home Loans Help People Achieve Goals

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You just had a neighbor refinish a group of wood primed casement windows that had been installed back in the year 1979. He indicated that he used to be able to get wood replacement parts from one of the major manufacturers, but that they have stopped making real wood replacement parts for that series of wood windows. When those parts were available the sash portions of those casement windows could be taken apart and renewed. Now it is not so easy, but he does know a place that can mill new parts from old samples taken off the sash or frame. It is expensive to do that, but still is only about 10% of the cost of a complete new sash that is usually the portion of casement windows that deteriorate.
The top manufacturers still sell complete sashes for those windows and you were quoted a prince of about $800.00 for one sash that is 72 by 30 inches. If they are still making complete sashes for sale they must be still making the parts, but they will only sell a complete sash. This is one o


When Was the Last Time You Reviewed Your Health Insurance Plan?

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Last year at this time your family was making plans to visit your traditional favorites on a trip to Chicago:

  • You love to take the Metra downtown from the suburbs.
  • You enjoy the challenge of scouting out some Chicago tourist gems that you have read about, but never visited.
  • Dinner in an Italian spot with a knack for pizza, bottled beers, and Chicago mob stories is a must.
  • Dessert in Chicago means popcorn. Caramel for your sons. Cheese for you and your husband.
  • Close out every trek with your favorite perk of public transportation: taking a nap while someone else takes care of the driving.

This year you are spending hours looking at life settlement calculators and considering the best life insurance settlement options.
Last year at this time your family was telling everyone they met in the Windy City just how much your group love, love, loves Chicago.
This year you have had more than one discussion about selling your life


Do You Know How Your Credit Score Affects Getting a Mortgage?

Written by admin. Posted in Dallas mortgage calculator, Mortgage lenders

Nearly 65% of homeowners own a home through obtaining a mortgage. Are you ready to purchase a new home? Before you buy your first home, you need to understand how your credit score can affect your ability to qualify for home loans. Your credit score will be used to help you get good mortgage rates and mortgage options from top mortgage lenders.

Do You Know What a Credit Score Is?

A credit score is used to predict how well you will pay back a loan in a timely manner. The scoring model uses information from a report called a credit report that help to create your credit score. A mathematical formula, known as a scoring model, is used to generate credit scores. There are certain factors used that typically make up a credit score including current unpaid debt, your bill-paying history, how long you have had a loan account open, the type and number of loan accounts you have, new applications for