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Archive for March 4, 2016


Got Medical Bills Or Student Loans Wearing You Down?

Written by admin. Posted in Lottery winnings, Monthly expenses, Structured settlement annuity benefits

Different ways to invest your money

It’s not easy saving money for things you need when you have medical bills, student loans and various obligations to pay off. Debt is one of the most frequent and frustrating problems modern American adults are struggling with and many search for ways to put a dent in their bills while staying financially secure. What options are available to you? Consider applying for an annuity settlement or selling lottery payments. It’s an efficient and simple way of structuring your money to better pay off long-term financial obligations without accumulating stubborn fees or potentially going broke. Let’s take a look at the benefits of selling lottery payments or receiving cash for an annuity, which could mean the difference between getting that car you need and staying in debt for years to come.