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Taking the Next Step Into Commercial Real Estate What You Should Know

Written by admin. Posted in Commercial real estate investing, Douglas e fleit, Real estate investing

Real estate investment strategies

Real estate these days can be as good as gold. In today’s global economy where the impact of a market falling half a world away can have an immediate impact on our own, many people are turning to more solid methods of investing their money. In the first part of 2015, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors did a survey and noticed that it marked the 10th consecutive quarterly increase in demand for commercial property and commercial real estate. There was a 50% increase in interest from respondents as compared to the last survey. If you’re looking to sink some of your hard earned money into a new venture that could return your investment in a big way, looking at business real estate might be just the thing for you.
What’s the Difference Between Commercial or Business Real Es