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Archive for October 28, 2015


3 Creative Ways To Manage Your Money

Written by admin. Posted in Cash for annuity, Cash for lottery winnings, Sell an annuity

Cash for lottery winnings

Some people are great when it comes to managing their money. They have no issues with making an investment — heck, they probably make tons of investments and enjoy doing so — and they know how to budget their finances so it all works out at the end of the month.

But let’s be honest here for a minute: a lot of people aren’t great at managing their finances. These are the people who rack up tons of credit card debt no matter how hard they try to figure it out; the ones who write out a financial plan for the month but abandon it after about four days. Getting out of debt is impossible because they just keep incurring more.

Sound like you? If you’re unable to manage your finances, the best option is definitely to see a financia