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Two Ways to Effectively Plan for Retirement

Written by admin. Posted in Fund performance, Hk.morningstar, Retirement planning calculator

Retirement planning

Did you know that the retirement age in China is 60 for men and 50-55 for women? Saving for retirement can be difficult, especially when the cost of living is so high. Fortunately, there are several investment opportunities that can help you save for retirement more efficiently, such as mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. Both of these investments are beneficial in their own ways, and both allow you to save enough money for retirement.

1. Mutual funds. This type of investment is a professionally-managed arrangement that pools money from numerous investors to purchase tradable assets. Mutual funds are beneficial because they allow you to minimize risk, and they do not require long-term commitments. Mutual funds are investments that are delegated among multiple stocks, which means you are not obligate