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How to Rebuild Your Savings

Written by admin. Posted in Title loans, Vehicle registration loans phoenix, Vehicle title loan

For many young people, saving money is a distant goal that they hope to achieve…someday. In the stage of life that millennials and younger are in, the thought of having enough savings to maybe acquire a mortgage, upgrade their car, or pay off their student loans is just a distant dream. In fact, the odds are quite high that if you are in this age bracket, you are living paycheck to paycheck with little to no savings at all, and are mostly doing your transactions and bill pay in cash. Even if you’re still keeping your spare cash in a coffee can, it is not impossible for you to start lining your future with a substantial little savings cushion, and here is how you can do it.

If you haven’t already, apply for a checking account. Having a checking account makes things like bill pay and receiving money from your job so much easier. Most banks have a mobile banking app that can do anything from display your balance to transfer funds to your checking account. When you apply for a chec


What is Enrollment Fraud? How to Protect your Bank’s Security

Written by admin. Posted in Bank account verification software, Enrollment fraud solutions, Fraud prevention

Enrollment fraud is rapidly becoming the new face of identity fraud in financial institutions across the US. Estimates show that enrollment fraud could result in eight billion dollars in lost revenue by the end of 2018, and further jeopardizes the safety of other customers. But what is enrollment fraud, and how can you spot it? Here’s a basic overview of what this type of fraud looks like, and what you can do to prevent it.

What is enrollment fraud?

Also known as New Account Fraud (NAF), enrollment fraud is another form of financial identity fraud. The cybercriminal typically uses another person’s information (typically a social security number) to open an online bank, loan, or credit account. A savvy cybercriminal will use a different address so that their victim never sees any mail from the fraudulent account. Typically, the fraudster will start by making small deposits and withdrawals from the fraudulent account in the first 30 days, often at the end of the week or be


3 Reasons to Partner with Chinese CPA Firms

Written by admin. Posted in Business advisory services in china, Corporate audit and assurance services, Sec compliance audits in china

Not every American company is able to conduct all of its business within the United States. Therefore, it’s common for many companies to partner with other countries. Considering that, it’s understandable for businesses in the United States to partner with China. With that in mind, here are three reasons to partner with Chinese accounting firms.

  1. Finding Out About Early Warnings

    Every year, the SEC or Securities and Exchange Commission brings large numbers of civil enforcement actions against both companies and individuals. Considering that, SEC compliance audits in China differ from those in the United States. Therefore, it’s best to have a Chinese issuer CPA firm on the side of your company.
  2. Saves Immense Amounts of Time and Effort

    Preparing corporate taxes for your own country takes enough time. Considering that, companies working with foreign businesses will have to prepare additional tax documentation. It’s like