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Got Medical Bills Or Student Loans Wearing You Down?

Written by admin. Posted in Lottery winnings, Monthly expenses, Structured settlement annuity benefits

Different ways to invest your money

It’s not easy saving money for things you need when you have medical bills, student loans and various obligations to pay off. Debt is one of the most frequent and frustrating problems modern American adults are struggling with and many search for ways to put a dent in their bills while staying financially secure. What options are available to you? Consider applying for an annuity settlement or selling lottery payments. It’s an efficient and simple way of structuring your money to better pay off long-term financial obligations without accumulating stubborn fees or potentially going broke. Let’s take a look at the benefits of selling lottery payments or receiving cash for an annuity, which could mean the difference between getting that car you need and staying in debt for years to come.


How to Sell a Lottery Annuity for One Lump Sum

Written by admin. Posted in Lump sum versus annuity, Selling your annuity, Structured settlement annuity benefits

Selling a structured settlement

Most Americans dream big about winning the lottery some day. Many plan the luxurious vacations that they will take or boast about the vehicles that they could own. With jackpots climbing to new heights every day, its easy to see how so many dreamers dream of lottery payments in their mailbox.

How to Win the Lottery
Winning the lottery is easy enough: you just have to play to win. With that being said, your odds are going to increase with the more you play. Many groups have formed with the intent to win the lottery and disperse the earnings among participants. Depending on how much and how often you play, you have just as much of an opportunity to win as anyone else.

What to Do Now that You’ve Won
Many people have misconceptions on how lotte


What You Need to Know About Your Annuity

Written by admin. Posted in Sell structured settlement payments, Selling your annuity, Structured settlement annuity benefits

Selling lottery payments

How would you like to take a vacation? Do you want to go out to a car dealership and pick a brand new car off the lot? Wouldn’t it be great to pay off your student loan or credit card debt in one day? If you are getting payments from a structured settlement or an annuity, all of this can be yours today!

You may be asking yourself, “Can I sell my annuity for a big lump sum?” And the answer is yes! You can get cash for annuity payments right now! You can even get cash today for your lottery annuity!

The number of Americans with structured settlements continues to grow. The chances are, you have an annuity or you know someone