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Four Benefits of Self-Directed IRA Accounts

Written by admin. Posted in Ira non recourse loan, Self directed ira real estate loans

Types of collateral

The total IRA market is currently worth about $4.2 trillion. To date, only about 2% of the total IRA market is made of self-directed IRA’s, but that number is increasing in popularity as of late. It is estimated that about $94 billion is currently held in self-directed IRA accounts. There are several advantages of having a self-directed IRA account. Here are some of the benefits explained for your convenience.

Benefit #1. Protect Your Company’s Capital Gains

Using a self-directed IRA account to invest funds into your business carries much less of the risk of using another type of retirement such as a 401(k) or personal retirement savings. There are some rules to follow when investing in your own business, for example you can’t own over a 50% share of the company.