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Help! Can I Hire a Canadian Employee in the United States?

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When a business owner finds the right employee, it can be quite a relief. However, a business owner could soon find that joy turns to confusion when hiring outside of the United States. Canada is a great area of opportunity for hiring in the United States. Many employees speak fluent English in Canada and are close in proximity to the United States. The main problem a business owner faces is not being aware how to pay someone living in another country. In this post, you will how a payroll service can help you properly pay your Canadian employees.

The first benefit of using a payroll service is the time you will save. Processing payroll can be a longer process,


Reaping Rewards Why You Should Outsource Your Business’s Payroll Needs

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If your business hasn’t already taken advantage of outsourced payroll solutions, it needs to. Pronto. Here’s why.

Outsourcing payroll frees up time. - One of the most important reasons you need to outsource your payroll needs is to get back the time you or your HR personnel spend taking care of it. Since someone else is taking care of it for you and your company, you and your staff can take the time that would have otherwise been spent doing it and use it to do something that generates profit. On that note…

Outsource reduces costs. - Time is money, after all. By outsourcing, you not only get back whatever time you would have lost tak