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Archive for July, 2016


Getting the Lingo Down Understand IPOs, Prime Brokers, and More!

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Recently priced initial public offerings

The stock market can seem bewildering at first glance, but if you’re thinking about raising money for your business and opening up financial possibilities for your company, entering the world of professional traders, prime brokers, and talking with an IPO service might all be in your near future. An IPO (initial public offerings) is likely to be your first step if you’re going public with your stock and if your company gets large enough, you might want to consider getting involved with prime brokers, which are special services offered to only a select few clients. Getting involved with prime brokers can open a whole new set of financial doors for you to open and explore. However, before you can even qualify for prime broker services, you’re going to have a substantial amount of work to


Three Things That Happen When Property Goes Into Receivership

Written by admin. Posted in Commercial lease chicago, Receivership services, Reo properties

Chicago commercial real estate

When commercial real estate does not go as planned, the court system often steps in to finalize sales and debt recovery. A property management company loses control of its assets if the properties move into receivership. Receiverships are the result of business disputes and real estate closures. Additionally, a divorce can also lead to the implementation of receivership services.
Number One: Financial Hardships Lead to Receivership Services
Occasionally, receivership services are initiated by impatient creditors. For the most part, however, the receivership process occurs when an owner can no longer meet the financial obligations for