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Archive for December, 2015


How Selling Your Structured Settlement Can Get You Out Of The Debt Trap

Written by admin. Posted in Cash for annuity payments, Fastest cash advances, Settlement cash

Need extra cash

With household income rising no more than two percent in the last ten year and credit card debt spiraling to an astronomical net increase of $57.1 billion in new credit card debt in 2014, the average American might find the new year bringing a cash squeeze. According to research, $7,200 is the average credit card balance, most American families have 13 payment cards and over 40% of home are spending more than they are earning. The result is a tight financial situation that is difficult to get out of, as living expenses continue to rise.

Those with a structured settlement or annuity, however, have a way out. You can get cash for an annuity now by selling it or your structured settlement and


Immediately Cash From Your Lottery Payments — Sell Your Structured Settlement

Written by admin. Posted in Annuity, Sell my structured settlement payments, Sell your structured settlements

Selling your annuity

Did you win a lottery payout recently? Lottery payments usually come in the form of structured settlements — monthly or annual payments which occur over time. For example, one popular lottery payout involves an immediate payment followed by 29 more which happen annually. In some scenarios, this can be a good way of receiving your money. However, if you have an urgent need for cash, you would be much better off if you get cash for your settlement.

Selling an annuity settlement is a smart move if you would rather do away with staggered payments and have the money due to you up front. There are many companies that purchase a lottery annuity and provide you with instant cash. There can be quite a few financial situations which warra


What Would You do if You Could Turn Your Structured Settlement Into Cash?

Written by admin. Posted in Cash for structured settlement, Payout lottery winnings, Sell your structured settlement

Get cash for settlements

Congratulations! You’ve won the lottery! And you can’t wait to begin making all the positive changes in your life that you’ve dreamt of for so long. But lottery winners typically wait for a long time to receive lottery winnings. But if you decide to sell your structured settlement, you could have the cash on hand to begin to invest your money, getting out of debt, or taking that round the world luxury cruise.

The lottery is the most popular and widespread form of gambling in the US. People may also have received a structured settlement from an insurance payment or lawsuit. At the same time, there are all kinds of urgent expenses to be paid. The average