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Archive for September 16, 2015


3 Incredible Things to Do with Your Lump Sum Payment After Selling a Settlement

Written by admin. Posted in Cash for annuity payments, Cash for your settlement now, Need extra cash

Settlement cash

Everybody daydreams about what they would do when they win the lottery, but few people actually have a plan as to how they spend the money until they actually receive it. If you have a structured settlement, you can sell your fixed payments for a huge lump sum. The best part is, you know when it’s happening, and can start to plan for the future.

When you get your settlement cash, you will finally have the ability to pay off all your monthly living expenses and focus more on life itself rather than your finances. In fact, a recent American International Group (AIG) survey showed that 65% of the people said that they would rather have a lump sum payment instead of structured payments.

A huge lump sum will cover all of your cash needs, and you won’t have to worry about money for a long, long time. Here