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Archive for August, 2015


Honesty Is the Best Policy 3 Crazy Lottery Stories

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Get cash for settlements

Not being honest about winning the lottery can have some serious consequences. That doesn’t mean you’ll get in trouble for lying about choosing a lottery annuity settlement over a lottery lump sum payout — it means lying about getting any lottery payments at all!

Here are just a few crazy things that have happened to lottery winners after they lied about winning.

Getting Sued. - Americo Lopes was a construction worker who won the New Jersey lottery. Like many might do after winning the lottery, Lopes quit his job. Except, he didn’t tell his employer that he quit because he was stinking rich. He lied, and told them it was because he needed foot surgery. When his coworkers discovered the truth, they weren’t happy for him — they were furious. Five of them sued him for lyin


3 Reasons To Outsource The Paperwork At Your Medical Firm

Written by admin. Posted in Best payroll service, Payroll service companies, Payroll solutions for small business

Online medical record services

If you’re in the business of saving lives, we imagine that keeps your hands pretty full. And yet, whether you’re a busy speech pathologist, a veterinarian, or a swamped hospital manager, there’s a lot more to the medical field than everything you learned in medical school. You have to know how to pay your employees, calculate payroll taxes, and make sure all these monetary systems are in compliance with your region. You also have to have a great system in place for medical record services and online medical record services. We strongly believe that most of the time