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Archive for August, 2015


Upping Your Business’s Customer Service Quotient With Automated Cash Counting Systems

Written by admin. Posted in Cheque or check, Fraud-fighter counterfeit machine

Currency sorting machine

In a busy bank or business, making change can be very time-consuming. Human error can cost businesses many thousands of dollars per year, and customers are not inclined to report overpayments to tellers or cashiers. In the last 35 years, automated money handling systems, also known as a cash recycling system, are helping businesses watch their bottom line.

A machine that automatically counts and dispenses accurate change to customers during a purchase or bank withdrawal can help prevent theft. A cash recycling system can hold more than $100,000, dependent upon business needs. Removable drawers are easy to maintain, and the closed system acts as a deterrent to would-be hackers or thieves.

A cash recycling system can also save a business or bank significant amounts of time, allowing for h


Millions of Thieves are Waiting for You to Make this Mistake

Written by admin. Posted in Credit card authorization and settlement, Credit card merchant processing services, Pci compliant merchant services

Pci compliance

You probably use your debit or credit card every day. Our credit cards are offer convenience and safety, but at they same time they can lead to costly problems. About 2 million Americans each year are victims of credit card fraud. There are simple steps you can take to prevent losing your hard earned money.

Only Use Sites With Proper Payment Gateway Integration
Americans spend millions of dollars shopping online. After clicking the buy button it can be easy to forget that your credit card information is being transmitted. The smoother a websites payment gateway integration is, the more likely it is legitimate. If you are being redirected to several pages before you are asked to input your credit card information, it could be a scam. It is important to make sure that any website that you


The Top 3 Requirements of Small Business Loans

Written by admin. Posted in Small business lending, Small business loans, Unsecured business loans

Unsecured business loans

Getting a small business loan doesn’t have to be the most complicated thing in the world, but it’s also important to realize that there are certain requirements that go along with unsecured business loans and working capital loans for small businesses; without these requirements, you might have a hard time finding small business loans that fit your financial needs and aren’t too difficult to repay.

Here are just a few of the most common requirements for small business lending:

  • Good credit. Like any other type of loan, it’s going to be a better situation for everyone involved if you’re applying for a loan and you already have good credit. A bad credit score suggests that you