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Archive for June, 2015


Don’t Miss Out On Opportunities To Travel Abroad

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Get cash for settlements

For the most part, Americans just aren’t traveling abroad. According to a recent survey, just 13% ventured over international waters in 2013 and just over a third (about 35%) currently have valid passports. This lack of travel is disappointing — maybe even a bit depressing — and the truth of the matter is that many Americans have more opportunities to travel and explore than they may realize. Here’s how to scrounge up extra cash for that experience-of-a-lifetime trip:

Get Cash For Lottery Payments And Annuity Settlements

The lottery is the most commonplace form of gambling or wagering in the U.S. Winning a large sum of money is not that all that common, however — and that means that it can be difficult to decide what to do and what not to do with your w


Currency Counting Machines Battling Counterfeiting Since 1980

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Currency counter machines

Counterfeiting is a crime that has been around for centuries — if not longer. You could argue that counterfeiting has been around since, well, money itself! In modern times, especially beginning in the 19th century when banks printed their own money, counterfeiting has been a huge problem. Did you know, for instance, that the famous United States Secret Service was created in 1865, just months after the American Civil War ended, to go after counterfeiting operations? Though the Secret Service has since expanded its operations, it still investigates counterfeiting crimes today, as do many other government agencies in the U.S., Canada, and countries throughout the world. Just a few days ago, an American in Pennsylvania was sentenced to four years in prison for creating fake $100 notes!