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Archive for August, 2014


Three Times a Business Can Benefit from International Payment Processing

Written by admin. Posted in Ecommerce solution, How to accept credit cards, Mobile payments conference

Online payment processing

If your business accepts credit card payments, you know that there are plenty of issues to anticipate. Credit and debit cards offer convenience for consumers and businesses alike, but they can come with certain risks, such as fraud. For businesses who use a credit card payment processing company, there’s also the chance that the fees they are charged will be so high that making money off of credit card payments can be difficult.

However, when a business has the right credit card payment processor, it can make the transaction process go smoothly. It can also offer additional benefits, such as international payment processing. International payment processing is used to tr


Who Handles Your Payroll? Outsourcing vs Doing it Yourself

Written by admin. Posted in Payroll service providers, Payroll taxes in canada, Smart payroll solutions

Statutory payroll tax deductions

All businesses need to process payroll, but how they choose to do so varies depending on their size and industry. Large businesses with hundreds of employees will likely outsource their resources simply due to the number of employees they need to write checks for. Small businesses, on the other hand, can get away with handling their own payroll because they have fewer employees to worry about. However, for convenience sake, small employers might still decide to hire an outside company to do their payroll. Deciding who will handle your payroll as a small business is a big decision, and it is best to think about the advantages and disadvantages of


Be Careful When Processing Payroll For Your Canadian Employees

Written by admin. Posted in Payroll, Payroll provider, Payroll systems

Pay for federal employees

It’s very easy for residents of Canada and the United States to work together, thanks to our proximity and our common language and culture. However, the arrangement becomes a little trickier when it comes time for a U.S. company to pay their Canadian employee. American and Canadian payroll regulations are very different, and it’s important you are allowing your Canadian employee the appropriate benefits. Employment and labor relations in Canada are not only different than those in the U.S., but also vary from province to province.

It’s also important to keep in mind that government benefits for Canadians are vastly different than those in the U.S., (free healthcare, anyone?),