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Archive for June, 2014


Tax Tips What You Should Ask Your Accountant

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Small accounting firms

There are two sure things in life, death and taxes. In fact, taxes are so inevitable that there has never been a civilization on earth that did not levy taxes. But despite this inevitability, there are ways to reduce the burden that your taxes will put upon you.

The word “tax” comes from the Latin word taxo, which means “I estimate”, and this is exactly what accountants do; they “compter,” count or score, your estimated tax burden. This estimate can vary greatly depending upon a variety of factors, and because of this if you have the right questions to ask an accountant, you can lower your tax burden significantly. Below are a few tips for getting your taxes done, and on questions to ask an accountant.

First, shop around for an accountant. You might think that all accountants are the same, but that c


Pharmacy Technicians Serves Jail Time For Young Girl’s Death

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Pharmacy pos systems 2014

Why did an Ohio pharmacy technician spend several years in jail? Contrary to popular belief, pharmacy software (including pharmacy point of sale or pharmacy POS systems) and employee registration is absolutely critical. Insufficient training and/or outdated software can endanger patients’ lives, and — in the case of one little girl — they did.

Who Is Emily Jerry, and What Happened To Her?

“Emily was diagnosed with a yolk sac tumor when she was about a year-and-a-half old. The tumor was the size of a grapefruit inside her tiny little abdomen,” Chris Jerry writes on The Emily Jerry Foundation, an organization and website created in the late todd


How to Calculate the Value of Your Gold at Home in Four Easy Steps

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How to buy gold coins

If times are tough and you have scrap gold coins and jewelry lying around the house, there’s never been a better time to sell your gold and earn some extra cash.

But before you sell your gold to just any places that buy gold, it’s always a good idea to calculate the value of your gold on your own. Knowing how much your gold is worth before you sell gold coins or sell gold jewelry can help you get the best payback for your valuables.

Here are four ways you can calculate your gold’s value before you decide to sell your gold:

1. Separate your gold jewelry by karat: Karat is the standard way to classify gold jewelry by the level of purity found in the gold. 24 karat gold is pure gold, which is rare to find in jewelry because gold is so malleable. You should be able to find a piece of jewelry’