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Archive for May, 2014


Simplify your Payroll Process

Written by admin. Posted in Canadian payroll services, Payroll tax calculations, Small business payroll solution

Payroll tax deductions in canada

Who’s your payroll provider? Do you have one? Are they effective is getting the job done right? If so, count yourself lucky. The best payroll service is the one that gets things done correctly and in a timely manner. While doing payroll can be overwhelming,by enrolling in online payroll processing, it provides for a simple and secure, efficient way for any business to submit their payroll. When it comes to payroll, its a lot more than simply cutting checks. It is a difficult and time consuming process that is never ending. Unforeseen challenges can take place during payroll. Especially when working with or dea


What You Should Know About Buying or Selling Your Gold

Written by admin. Posted in Best place to sell unwanted jewelry, Investing in tangible assets, Sell silver bars

Where can you buy gold bars

According to recent engagement ring trends from wedding experts at The Knot, gold is making a return. Brides are opting for yellow or rose gold for their bands, and prefer this vintage look in 2014. While this is being touted as a recent trend, gold has been a popular precious metal for centuries, outfitting kings, queens, and laymen alike.

In today’s market, gold’s value is no less. The average price to buy a gold bar varies based on every day’s fluctuating market, but gold’s dollar value is currently at its highest ever. The official cost of gold in the U.S. has changed only a few times in the last few centuries, according to the National Mining Association. The price is typically calculated per troy ounce, which is roughly equ